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Performance Ear Training Live,

Weeks 1 thru 4
Closed for summer break.
Next session: September 2023


Performance Ear Training Live,
Weeks 1 thru 8

Start Date: Tuesday June 13th, 7pm CST
Closed for summer break.
Next Session: September 2023

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What My Students and Colleagues Say

“It really works! The course is incredible in that now I’m able to hear the relationships between notes, chords, and keys – where I am in a key center. I imagine in an improvisational context, can map out what others are doing and respond deliberately.”

Katia Mestrovic
Classical Harpist

“As a drummer, I’ve always envied the ability to instantly recognize harmonies, melodies, tension… If it weren’t for Mr. Mixon’s course, harmony would be like math class since I don’t play other instruments. His system helps me hear the harmonic concepts we worked on in the class.”

Emre Yenson

“I recommend this method to the serious student who wants to move from point “A” to point “B” in a logical progression of activities for the development of “hearing” on the instrument.”

Greg Badolato
Former Department Chair
Berklee College of Music This class has improved my literacy with jazz and music in general. It has really helped me to listen a lot better.
Dan Evans
Dan Evanslifelong amateur classical/jazz guitarist
As for the P.E.T .: it changed my life !!! I was able to sharpen my ear, improve my approach to the instrument, tackle harmonic turns without knowing the songs. Thanks Don for all this !!!
Massimiliano Macs-Sacs Cobianchi
Massimiliano Macs-Sacs CobianchiProfessional saxophonist, Ferrara, Italy
It really sharpened my hearing and understanding of pitch relationships – pitch in general. I find myself much better able to direct my students to harmonic patterns and get them thinking about the underlying chord structures of what they are playing. What you get out of it is ‘refinement’
Natalia Mann
Natalia MannClassical and jazz harpist and teacher
I recommend Donovan Mixon’s Performance Ear Training to all professional drummers. It works! Our most important duty is supporting the band and the key to that is “listening”. Performance Ear Training taught me the importance of that
Ferit Odman
Ferit OdmanJazz Drummer & Media star
Performance Ear Training offers a trustworthy and elegant self study map.(It) has my unequivocal endorsement
Bill Lowe
Bill LoweProf.. African American Music and Jazz Studies Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

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