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The reason for limited access is to give you incentive to maintain a regular practice routine. Please keep in mind that there is no such thing as ‘cramming’ for musicianship. You are developing skills over time. So, you must think to practice regularly.
You will have access to this course for 5 weeks total. With regular practice, you should have little trouble getting through all of the lessons before the course closes.
Don’t worry about being perfect, just plan to be a perfect student who works regularly as much as possible each day.
Five weeks after signing up, access will discontinue.

This course is presented as a series of video lessons.

Get yourself a spiral bound manuscript notebook. You will use it for all of your writing work.
Take your cue from the video when I say, ‘In your workbook‘ to mean you are to use your manuscript notebook to copy music elements i.e.: Treble Clef, notes, time signature, key signatures, exercises or tunes.
It’s important that you develop the capacity to write music freehand on the musical staff as writing will help to lock in note positions for you.

And above all, don’t skip the singing assignments.

Memorize all songs and exercises with the proper solfege syllables. They are diatonic folk songs
that you’ve probably heard or sung in your life. If you’re unfamiliar with the songs, you will find them easy to learn. Working with such songs is a fun and sure way towards associating notes with the solfege syllables. If you’re not familiar with these songs, they are easy enough to learn and memorize. The ‘process’ is the important thing here. After working with these melodies, you’ll have the tools and perspective to study other familiar ‘diatonic’ songs.
Don’t worry, you’ll get better with consistency and patience. I have taught my son (when he was a toddler) many of these songs in this way. Teach your own kids or young relatives to sing these songs. You will find it a pleasant way to memorize them.
Countless numbers of people have passed through these gates to go on to enjoy a life of music.

So, ask yourself, Why not me?
If ever you get flustered, take a break and return later with a clear head.
Take your time, don’t hesitate to listen to individual sections of the videos as many times as you need.

If ever you get stuck, shoot me a question: